Is it Hot in Here?

I rarely mention that I am working on a romance novel. Apart from not wanting to overdo the self-promotion, staying quiet about it keeps the writing pressure off. I abandoned the first draft a few years ago, and the much improved second draft outline is moving slowly. One of the challenges is the correct level …

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The Race of the Book

In the early 1700s, Alexander Pope wrote "The Rape of the Lock." This poem is a mock-heroic portrayal of an incident between a couple of aristocrats: Robert Petre, 7th Baron Petre, around twenty at the time, cut off a lock of hair belonging to Arabella Fermor. She was offended (and rightly so), the families quarreled, and an acquaintance prevailed upon …

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Where’s Daddy?

My reading of romance novels is too erratic and sporadic to identify trends, but I have noticed a disturbing pattern in many books. Last summer I read several books featuring women who were single, but either pregnant or with a new baby. More recently I have read several books featuring single women with a child …

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