Blog Changes 1: Reviews are going to Goodreads

I’ve been writing this blog almost as long as I’ve been working on Romance One – five years! – and I am still having fun with both. I try to review every romance book I read, for my benefit and to support the authors. Ideally, the reviews are informative and enjoyable reading. However, they take time to write, and I have been looking for ways to reduce that time while still supporting authors.

Part of my solution is to write shorter reviews. There won’t be as much about my interests, or the plot of the story, but I’ll be posting more about me as part of a site upgrade coming soon. This blog will become a full website, and among other things will be more mobile friendly. As for the plot of the story, while this is important for standalone reviews, a person reading reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, or a similar site, does not need the story summarized in every review.

The other part of my solution is to start putting my reviews on Goodreads. Using their review feature is faster than creating a blog post for a review. With the blog posts, I have the potential for income, since I post Amazon affiliate links, but my income from those over the past five years has been approximately zero.

I’ll continue to write blog posts here. These could be reviews of books where I have a lot to say, or other musings on writing and romance. However, for most of the books I read, and for my backlog of unreviewed books, many of them ebooks, I’ll be posting my review to Goodreads. Please friend or follow me there: