Harder to Love a Rich Man: Billionaire’s Forgiveness

Cover - Billionaire's ForgivenessBillionaire’s Forgiveness is the rest of the story started in Billionaire’s Love, which I just reviewed. Yes, I’m reviewing another recently released book. The world is full of wonders. Brenda Pearson took a couple of years to put this together, but since I only just read her first one, I was spared waiting.

The opening is fabulous, with a disorienting, surprising, and engaging twist on where we left our couple at the end of the previous book. As the excerpt in the previous book suggested, this one has an action/suspense plot, and the romance plot is wrapped up relatively easily. That’s fine, since “will they live?” has much higher stakes than “will they get back together?” In between shootings and explosions there are several steamy scenes – the heat level is significantly higher than the previous book.

We get more character development, which helps explain why the initial relationship had such staying power, and increases character sympathy. There’s more use of the Montreal (and Quebec) setting, too. Max is still an alpha male, but for much of the story he is relatively powerless, which is an interesting angle, and there’s some appreciated role reversal. This does not affect his virility, which is made apparent through not one, but two cliches about fertility, complete with a wink to the reader.

At various times there are hints of romance story lines for other characters, which could become subplots or other books, but none of them get very far, except for one mentioned in the epilogue. The epilogue is longer than they usually are, and in several ways it does not match the rest of the book. There are also a few loose ends, but since an excerpt shows another book starting where this one ends, presumably those will be addressed.

Overall, this is a fun and fast-paced read.

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