An Update and Two Questions

Opening Update

Thanks to all who responded to my call for comments on the opening of Romance One, whether it was here, on Facebook, or by email. After considering everything, I’ve decided to shift some things around. Instead of starting with the heroine saying good-bye to the honeymooning couple, the story starts with the arrival of the hero. This came about a paragraph after the excerpt. She’s on her way to fix the well, when a new camper arrives, obnoxiously honking when he can’t find anyone at the office. Starting there, with the hero and conflict at the very beginning, works better. The honeymooning couple play no role in the story except to provide some back story for the heroine, so that incident will be presented later. Another excerpt coming soon.

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Blog Content?

This blog is mostly book reviews, with a few posts about what I am working on, and occasionally other thoughts. Are you only here for the reviews? Would you be interested in reading old love poems I’m found of, and other romantic (more or less) ramblings? Romantic photos and images? Again, let me know.

Happy Spring, Beth.