The Playboy’s Proposal

Cover - Playboy's ProposalThe Playboy’s Proposal, by Ashlee Mallory, is a 2016 publication from Entangled, a romance publisher.

Benny, a doctor, has recently finished her residency, and celebrated by moving into a new high-rise condo. Unfortunately her neighbour, Harry, has a reputation as a local playboy, and often has loud, late parties. He also parks in her spot. Late one night, she visits him in a too-cute meet: While the young and beautiful are enjoying the party, she slinks in, wearing revealing pajamas, disheveled, complete with dinosaur slippers, in a scene that unfortunately reminded me of Rosemary entering the party at the climax of Rosemary’s Baby. Benny gives Harry piece of her mind, and threatens to go to the condo board. For reasons not entirely clear, Harry is promptly smitten with her. Perhaps it is simply seeing a woman not all dressed up or otherwise keen to impress him.

Harry is suddenly required to shed his playboy image. First, the condo board warns him of escalating fines and possible eviction for complaints against him. Second, the ad agency he works for is hoping to land a client with a strong family values outlook, and wants him to settle down. And third, he’s required to look after a young niece for several days. No more parties, and he starts parking in his own spot.

A minor accident means Harry takes his niece to the nearest clinic, and the attending physician is none other than Benny. At the clinic, Harry notes Benny’s plain Jane approach to appearance, and clumsy attempts to flirt with another doctor. He proposes a deal – he’ll package her so she can get a date with the obvious object of her affections, in exchange for her dropping all complaints about his behaviour.

If you know any version of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, you know what happens next. To help speed Harry’s conversion along, Benny has a large and happy family, who welcome her new friend Harry (and several siblings have been recently married – a series, of course).

The story is definitely light, and heavy on the coincidences, but it’s a fun quick read, tempered with a few serious and sentimental notes. Both characters grow, predictably and rapidly, though it’s nice to see it on both sides, and Benny is a reasonably strong and independent woman. I can accept that her position in her family, and her focus on her career, might have left her less concerned about appearance and social graces – and while Harry teaches her these things, the plot makes it clear that these are secondary to inner qualities. The story is well told, and the heat level is just right. There are several funny scenes where Benny deals with trying to date her doctor friend while Harry both helps and hinders. I’m looking forward to reading about the other members of Benny’s family.

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