Seducing the Accomplice

Seducing the Accomplice coverSeducing the Accomplice is a 2011 Harlequin Romantic Suspense from Jennifer Morey. The story opens with Sadie being abandoned by her boyfriend. In Albania. Without money or a passport. Fortunately a handsome stranger comes to her aid almost immediately. Unfortunately, Calan has a macguffin, and when the bad guys see Calan and Sadie together, they assume she’s involved. Now she has to flee with him, while he tries to figure out how to keep both of them alive.

Morey keeps her characters dashing through the plot like characters in a Robert Ludlum thriller, stealing cars and yachts, outwitting border officials, taking hostages, and setting crime bosses and corrupt government officials against each other. It’s great fun, but the body count tends to distract from the romance.

Sadie’s character is also a distraction. She’s a poor little rich girl, who’d rather paint than take over the family restaurant empire, but lacks the confidence to embrace her creative self seriously. Calan encourages her, but the plot doesn’t allow her to show her artistic side. Instead, we see that she’s observant, and quick to learn how to handle a gun. When we meet her, it seems her only real problem in life is a boyfriend who’s not manly enough. Calan solves that, coming to her rescue on several occasions, but his struggle to overcome losing two previous lovers to the bad guys seems too easily won.

This was a fun read, but at times it read like a James Bond novel, except written largely from the woman’s perspective. That’s a compliment, but I’m not sure romantic suspense is my preferred genre. When the happy ending is just surviving, being in love seems less important.

This book is part of a series, All McQueen’s Men, and Morey is a prolific Harlequin writer. She currently has 39 Kindle editions at Amazon, but almost no reviews. She works in export compliance for aerospace and defense, which lends some verisimilitude to her use of overseas locations, weaponry, and so on. She deserves to be better known. Check out her site here: