Cowboy Dad

Well…time flies when you are having fun. Or not. Getting this blog off the ground has proven to be a little more challenging than I was expecting. First Christmas, and then an unexpected move on short notice. Lately I’ve hardly had time to read, let alone write reviews. But enough whining.

Cowboy Dad, by Cathy Mcdavid, is a Harlequin in the American Romance series. It was published August 2012 and it is currently available as a free ebook. Here’s how Harlequin describes the imprint: “You love small towns and cowboys! Harlequin American Romance stories are heartwarming contemporary tales of everyday women finding love, becoming part of a family or community—or maybe starting a family of her own.”

Natalie has already started her family, with a three month baby to care for while she lives and works in the narratively isolated community of a ranch resort. Mcdavid wastes no time introducing her to Aaron, a handsome and intelligent cowboy, but Natalie has been down that road before, and her own feelings aren’t the only obstacle. Cranking up the sentiment factor is our hero’s unhappy past, and a variety of entertaining supporting characters with heartaches and hopes of their own.

I found Aaron too good to be true. Call me cynical, but I like my men to be just a little flawed, or at least have to work for all the good things that come their way. His bold resolution to their final obstacle also left me cold. Still, a decent fellow overall. How happy he’ll be with the considerably less ambitious Natalie leaves me concerned. This does not appear to be a relationship of equals, but they can probably make it work.

The story is well written and well structured, and the author manages to keep the sex low-key and mostly off-stage while tossing in just a touch of the erotic. As the imprint promises, this story is a light read about finding community and family, not just finding love. Heartwarming-yes, heart racing-no.